Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th August 2016 Written Episode Updates: Sambhav Got Hurt By Suhani’s Behaviour!

Suhani si ek ladki 7th Aug
The show starts and we see Suhaani and Yuvraaj falls and everyone comes. Suhaani asks Yuvraaj that why he didn’t see water falling from that switch board, he would have got shock and he says that he didn’t see, then Pratima thanks her to save him.
Then Yuvraj asks them to let him repair the tap and Pankaj agrees saying that if they can give chance to Sambhav then why cant him. There Saumya asks Menka and rags to keep the charity things in storeroom and they start to keep heavy sacks by dragging. Dadi thinks that what Saumya wants to do and Saumya says to Dadi that charity is this house’s tradition. There Yuvani helps Yuvraaj by showing him on net how to repair a tap and Suhaani and Pankaj smile seeing them and say that Yuvaani is smart, Suhani says whose daughter is she.
Suhani si ek ladki 7th Aug
Yuvraj suddenly replies his then says her’s also. then Sambhav comes and asks Yuvraaj that is he trying to win the hearts by repairing tap or what. Yuvraaj says that its real life not any game for him so no ques arises of lose and win,
and goes. Sambhav thinks he will not let Yuvraaj win.
There Saumya tells Bhavna that Krishna got bitten by ants and she thinks that rags and Menka locked her into trunk but Bhavna says that she Doesn’t know. Saumya asks Bhavna to help her in taking revenge with them but Bhavna refuses and says that she can take ointment from her room if she wants.Then she make plate slip on Bhavna’s leg and
pretend like it’s mistake and says sorry.
Then rags and menka go to storeroom, the oil mixed with honey falls on them as they enter and they shout that it is Saumya behind and their face and dress get spoiled. they shout for help and for open the door. There kids talk to play but Suhaani asks them not to go as its raining outside and Sambvhav says that they will play at home, passing the parcel and whatever is written on chit person will have to do.
There Menka and rags see a honey bee and gets shocked but rags kills it and Saumya smiles seeing them. just then Menka says that we got trapped and no one can hear us, then rags sees so many honey bees and gets shocked, Saumya smiles seeing it.
There Suhaani takes a chit and tells that she has to do acting and they all will have to guess it, then she acts and Yuvraaj guesses right and Sambhav makes Suhaani sit beside him. Then sambhav changes chit and tells all that he has to kiss the person sitting beside him and Suhaani feels awkward.
Yuvaan asks Sambhav to kiss Suhaani and he goes to kiss her by intentions to make Yuvraaj jealous, but Yuvraaj turns his face. we will see that Sambhav asks Suhaani not to be rude, and he feels bad, is she doing this because of yuvraaj.

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