Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th August 2016 Episode Written Updates: Sambhav Blames On Yuvraaj

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see pankaj and lata convincing yuvraaj to stay there as roads are blocked and he has yuvani along too. Yuvraaj tries to go but yuvaani stops him and and he agrees. Sambhav gets angry seeing this and leaves. There bhavna talks to dadi about rags and menka’s fighting with saumya and the only way to stop these fights is to give keys to pratima and dadi says that she will think about it and bhavna goes.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Dad thinks that what should she do to make bhavna greedy for keys else how the mahabharat will start in this house? There sambhav says yuvaan to play with yuvraaj when he asks him to play with him, then sambhav tells yuvaan that he doesn’t like yuvraaj and tells some false stories about yuvraaj saying not to tell anyone. And convince him to ask suhaani to send yuvraaj back only then he will play with him. But yuvaan refuses to do it and goes to yuvani as she called him. There dadi tells bhavna and rags, menka that she is happy with saumya’s management and now want to see how rags and menka manage the house, if they do better than saumya then they will get keys.

Then bhavna tells sharad about dadi’s plan of checking rags, menka and saumya for keys and she says that she will not let saumya win in this coz she is remember what she did with suhaani. Dadi hears it and thinks that its nice bhavna will also fight for keys. There suhaani wakes up in night and hears car’s horn, she goes out and sees yuvraaj sleeping in car and makes him awake and asks him to go inside coz lata will be worried if she not finds him in room but he argues with her and rain starts. Then suhaani gets inside his car and they sleep fighting. In the morning bhavna decorates temple and rags comes and asks about sharad, then sharad comes sneezing with flowers as dadi likes flowers and she smiles. Saurabh asks where is saumya and menka says that she will not come as she has afraid to loose keys now and rags recall how she sprayed in saumya’s room so that she cant awake early for aarti. Then bhavna and sharad do aarti. There sambvhav asks and sees suhani is not in room and yuvaan also asks about her. Then yuvani comes and asks about her papa.

Sambhav hears lata and pratima talking and sees yuvraaj and suhaani sleeping in the car outside and gets shocked. Then he knocks at car’s glass and makes them awake and when they get down from the car, yuvraaj and sambhav start to fight and yuvraaj asks suhaani to not to give explanations to him when she tries to tell him. Yuvaan comes and shouts on yuvraaj and takes the favor of sambhav and yuvraaj becomes sad. Then suhaani scolds yuvaan and sambhav sends him. Suhaani and sambhav argue, saambhav says that she meets her ex husband and still he is wrong? lata and pankaj look at them………….

Precap: we will see sambhav saying that yuvraaj can only cheat you, please try to understand. And pratima says that sambhav is a mature guy but yuvraaj says that this is real sambhav………..

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