Suicide Squad Box Office Collection: $500 Million In 2 Week (World’s Highest)

suicide squad movie

Hollywood’s one of the biggest project which has shown its worth even after getting so many bad and de-motivating reviews both on the box-office and critics side. The latest released movie which is not even released in many theaters and is still awaited by many.

The Suicide Squad which is another installment of un-exceptional thrilling action and psycho loving characters which sometimes acts like normal and most of the times like crazy freaks. The movie has already done 500$ millions business and is still staggering on the top of blockbusters. The movie has done almost $509 Millions till now, and it is standing to be as the highest-grossing movie in the whole August. The movie somehow managed to broke so many records as the highest and the biggest opening movie in both Domestic and Over-seas collection.

suicide squad movie

The movie ‘Suicide Squad when gets compared to other superhero movies, (but that not required because all the characters in the movie is anti-hero), but the movie still leaves other superhero movie behind when it comes to collection like Captain America:Civil War has crossed almost $494M, Deadpool managed to cross $256M, with The Dark Knight at the very far from these one.

The main conclusion is that this Anti-hero movies has left all the superheroes movies, even of ‘DC’ Films. Even the most followed one like Batman’s The Dark Knight Rises and Superman’s Man Of Steel only merges with the collection of $187 and $252. The movie is still to make its way in many countries like Germany, which will going to have this movie this weekend and Japan will going to count this movie next month.

This amazingly great movie has already outnumbered the gross value and collection of the another biggest movie Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. This has made the President of WB worldwide Distribution Veronika Kwan Vandenberg to have her words over this incredibly  appreciating rewards for their truly dedicated efforts. The movie which is basically focusing on those underrated guys who never gets their due efforts and praises for their out-standing talent which they show in the movie but never gets noticed.

Suicide SquadThis time the movie which focuses on those guys who are against the hero but are doing their work too, in Suicide Squad you’ll see Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and so many more amazing and talented actors to show their crazy side while still helping for the mankind. The movie is being directed by David Ayer and is totally by the executive producer of the movie Zack Snyder and geoff Johns.

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