Suicide Squad Movie Review Critics Response Hit Or Flop

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad, which is also known as ‘The Task Force X’ it is the name of a closely related but independent supervisory organization. It is a name for two fictional organizations appearing in American comic books which was published by DC Comics. The first version was debuted in The Brave and the Bold in 1959, the second version which was created by John Ostrander, was debuted in Legends in (1987).


The Suicide Squad initiative functions as an unorthodox work release program, which explains why many of the DC Universe’s supervillains remain perpetually on the loose—regardless of how many occasions they are apprehended and incarcerated for their latest crimes, it undertakes high-risk, black-ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences. The group does all the freaking works under the control of director Amanda Waller.

Suicide Squad

There is movie which is based on this concept ‘Suicide Squad’ which is a 2016 American superhero film and is based on the DC Comics antihero team of the same name and is also the third installment in the DC Extended Universe. The film is both penned down and directed by David Ayer and stars an exceptional group of cast featuring Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood and Cara Delevingne. In Suicide Squad, which is a secret government agency being led by Amanda Waller, who recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions and save the world from a powerful threat in exchange for some clemency.

This story basically starts aftermath of Superman’s death, intelligence operative Amanda Waller urges to assembles a team of dangerous criminals — the deranged Harley Quinn; elite hit man Deadshot, pyrokinetic ex-gangster El Diablo, opportunistic thief Captain Boomerang, monstrous cannibal Killer Croc, and specialized mercenary Slipknot at Belle Reve Penitentiary and places them under command of Colonel Rick Flag, to be used as disposable assets in high-risk missions for the United States government. Each member has a small bomb implanted in their head, which is specially designed to detonate when-ever any member of the rebel goes against the Flag.

The group members are like this:
1. Will Smith which is playing as Floyd Lawton; Deadshot:
He is an expert marksman and assassin. A mercenary by day and a concerned father by night, Deadshot is a very conflicted criminal who enjoys the hunt, but is still trying to do right by his young daughter. Smith stated that Deadshot and Harley Quinn are “allies” in the film, but that they do not know what is happening with the other characters. Smith has also stated that his character has shares scenes with Batman.

Jared Leto as the Joker:
He is psychopathic supervillain. Leto described his role as very near to the Shakespearean and a quite “beautiful disaster of a character” who tells about portraying the villain, he stated “I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and he couldn’t imagine doing it another way.

Margot Robbie who is portraying as Dr. Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn:
She is a crazed supervillain and former psychiatrist. The Producer of the movie Richard Suckle described the character as, a fan fave. Funny, crazy, scary. There are not enough adjectives to describe all the different things you see her doing in the movie. Quinn can be described as the Squad’s most manipulative members, and her relationship with Joker as “incredibly dysfunctional”, adding that Quinn is “mad about him, literally and mad too. She’s crazy. But she loves him. Their relationship is quite amazing and have some very dysfunctional issues over it, but they both love it.

Joel Kinnaman who is giving the role of Col. Rick Flagg:
The all-business field leader of the Suicide Squad, who executes Amanda Waller’s orders butit’s quite rare that they all feel the same about her goals and objectives . Tom Hardy was previously casted but due to timings he gave up on it.

Viola Davis as the ‘Amanda Waller’:
The government official who gives out all the Squad’s orders. Ambitious and devious, she has big plans and intends to let no metahuman or military protocol get in her way. Davis stated she is fascinated by the character, singling out her psychology and strength and describing her as a very “powerful black woman, hard and ready to pick up a gun and shoot anyone at will.

All the casting has been done very amazingly and shows the might of this elite group.
Suicide Squad held a very good panel at the 2015 San Diego’s Comic-Con International, with starring actors like Smith, Robbie, Courtney, Davis, and Kinnaman amongst those who appeared in the movie. A trailer intended to be exclusive to the event premiered, but was leaked online, with Warner Bros. The movie’s trailer has also got very good response from the audience.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ has received so many negative reviews from the critics. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has a quite bad rating of 27%, based basically on 175 reviews, with an average rating of 4.8/10. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Suicide Squad boasts a very talented cast and a little more humor than previous DCEU efforts, but they aren’t enough to save the disappointing end result from a muddled plot, thinly written characters, and choppy directing.” On Metacritic, the film has a score of 41 out of 100, based on 50 critics, indicating “mixed or average reviews”. This has created quite a buzz but the movie is going great to all the audience.

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