‘Suicide Squad’ New Trailer Released – Watch video

Suicide squad

The new trailer of Suicide Squad has been released on April 10, 2016, during the MTV Awards. Upon the release of the trailer, many rumors spread on the Internet stating that director David Ayer has re-shot some parts of the film to add up more humor elements.

A report from ‘Birth Movies Death’ last month said that the director is busy shooting some crucial sequences again for adding the impact.

But now, David Ayer took his official Twitter handle to make it clear that there are no such things like re-shooting. He added that shooting again to add humor is silly, as Warner Bros Pictures is damn confident about the content of the flick.

In response to the re-shoot claims, Jai Courtney, one of the lead actors in the movie told that ‘Suicide Squad‘ is already loaded with an adequate amount of comedy and the extra scenes were shot to beef up the voltage in action scenes.

Watch ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer video:

As per Jai Courtney, the crew has filmed some additional action shots which are pretty dope in nature.

‘Suicide Squad’ will hit the theaters on August 05, 2016. This David Ayer directorial is packed with a huge star cast, and it includes big names like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Viola Davis.

This film will showcase the story of super-villains in the world who are assigned to execute a very dangerous undercover mission in exchange for clemency. The journey to fulfill the mission is not an easy task, as it may result in the death of the team members.

The trailer which is of two minutes and thirty seconds in length has already gone viral on YouTube. The clip clearly indicates that the film will be a real treat for action lovers.

Even before the release, Warner Bros has already roped in Ayer to direct a sequel to the flick. Filming of this new venture is expected to begin by 2017.

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