Suicide Squad World Premiere Review, Not Enough Jared Leto’s Joker But Better Than BvS

Suicide Squad

Suicide squad which is in the news from the moment it is announced 2 years ago. Every single fan on the planet has been waiting for the movie. And the movie is finally here, although the movie is not released in all part of the world. Suicide squad has been released in Bangladesh on Monday.

World premiere of the movie is set to release at the Beacon Theater in New York City at 6 pm ET (Eastern time) which is 3:30 am in IST (Indian standard time). Suicide Squad will release worldwide on various different dates. Most of the country worldwide will be able to watch the movie by the Friday i.e. 5thb August 2016. Japan will be the last one receive the release of Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad will release in Japan on 10th September 2016.

Suicide Squad

Now, Not wasting the time too much let’s get directly onto the reviews of the Most awaited movie of the year, Suicide Squad. Let’s start with the great part of the movie. As everybody already knows, Jared Leto is the most the most interesting part of the Suicide Squad.

The best part about Jared Leto’s Joker was that he did not top the Heath Ledger’s and Jack Nicholson’s joker, Whereas he was totally focused on doing something different. Even Jared Leto himself admits that he was terrified to play Joker after Heath Ledger but accomplish in showing the psychotic nature of the Joker to the Audience. Jared Leto’s Joker was more likely the Mark Hammil’s Joker from the animated movie back in 90’s.

A bit of bad is always good. Th Leto’s performance was mesmerizing but the thing that was disappointing was the screen time of the Joker. Leto’s Joker only got more like 25 minutes.

Now if we move on from the Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was exceptional. Marley Quinn excellently expressed the psychotic slutty nature of Harley Quinn. The unpredictable performance of Margot Robbie made Harley Quinn’s performance really memorable.

Moving on to the Deadshot which is played by Will Smith was not like any groundbreaking performance. We are not saying that Deadshot is not cool  but it was like watching Will Smith in costume. Although he is the lead character of the movie.

The rest of the cast including Joel Kinneman, Scott Eastwood, Jai Courtney, Adam Beach and Viola Davis, all gave their best and there was no negative point in their performance.

If we talk about the conclusion review of the movie then the movie was good but the performances were exceptional. The movie is not about what is going on but what is going on inside the minds of characters. The movie is cool as first but very soon you will realize there is not any villain to go after but some bunch of anti-heroes to rally behind. The movie majorly focused on characters rather than plot and villain.

So the questions that must be coming to your mind right now,
Will this movie will break any grounds? -No
Is the movie cool and Badass? – Yes
Is it fun to watch? -Hell yeah
Should you see it? -Without a doubt.


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  1. This movie was never about Joker or Batman, I don’t know why people expected them to be a big part of it. The movie is called Suicide Squad and neither of them are members of the Suicide Squad, be thankful you got to see them at all.

    • It didn’t come out on Blu Ray til July 19th, so you are clearly misinformed. And it was a terrible movie compared to even the worst of the MCU films.

      The lowest rated MCU movie is Thor: The Dark World at 66%.
      Batman v Superman has 27%.
      Suicide Squad’s not much better at 31%, currently.

      Yeah, DC’s really showing Marvel who’s boss (and it’s clearly Marvel).

      BTW, I’m just a straight-up comics fan. I like DC as well as Marvel. But DC’s movie outings (not including the phenomenal Nolanverse Dark Knight trilogy) have simply not been on par with Marvel, at all.

      I wish it was not the case. I really wish DC could offer movies on par with Marvel. I think the competition would cause both to strive that much harder for excellence. Sadly, right now, DC is no threat to Marvel’s reign as king of the cinemas.