Sultan 30th Day Box Office Collection: Salman Khan’s Hit Movie Will Cross Rs 300 Crores In India


Recently released Bollywood flick Sultan just hit the box office by its huge collection on the box office and its went like fire worldwide and had attracted a large number of audience towards it. Sultan was released on 6th July 2016 and had generated a large number of fans for it. It had collected more of the bucks on the box office and had done so well on the box office. The trailer of Sultan was released few days back before the official release of Sultan on the various social media platforms and on YouTube and had attracted a large number of audience towards it.


The one who had watched Sultan is just said that the story of Sultan is so good and interesting as well. Specially Salman Khan were shown in Sultan in the unique role which is really loved by the audience. Sultan had broke more of the records on the box office and did so well. Its collection on the box office on the very first day of its release it so huge and it was more than Rs. 38 cr. which was a big amount and a record in itself.

Sultan is produced by Yash Raj Productions which is one of the finest production house of the Indian cinema and they had launched Salman Khan after a very long time. Salman is one of the great actor and the one who is filled with a positive confidence. There is only one name in the Bollywood film industry which is in trend and that is Salman Khan. He represents the main leading role of Sultan and did so well with his character. He is playing a role as a wrestler and had done lots of the efforts to make his character to showed up so real and interesting.

Salman had worked so hard for his personality to be converts in the state of a werestler. Salman is playing the main leading role in Sultan who is a wrestler and he is living in a small village of Haryana. He is doing so well with his character as it is showed up in the film that Salman is a wrestler from the small village and wants to become a world champion in wrestling. It is showed up in the film that how a low class man had faced lots of problems in his life to go forward with his career in Wrestling and Salman is so fitted in that character and really loved by the audience.

Sultan had done a great collection on the box office and more of the audience were engaged in Sultan and the audience give a positive response to the film worldwide. Sultan had collected more than Rs.500 cr. in the very first three weeks of the film on the big screens worldwide. Sultan got a positive response from the critics as well. The total collection of Sultan is set at more than 578.35 cr. till today. Sultan had collected about Rs. 38.76 cr. on the box office which was so good for the makers of the film. Sultan is still on the big screens and continuing with its collection. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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