Suman Taunts Vividha! Jaana Na Dil Se Door Latest Written Episode Updates 29 September 2016


The last episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Dur starts with Ravish is getting forced by his cousins to get close to Vividha. Ravish felt little nervous and says to them that he will manage everything. They both then tease him and they all laugh then. Vividha is crying in her room and thinking about Atharv.

She recalls their moments and felt irritated when the servant continuously ask him about the food. She neglects and asks him to get lost. Later on, Ravish’s cousins tell him to find his name’s initials on Vividha’s hand. Vividha in the room is very sad and says that she can’t be of anyone. She then sees R in her hand and then feels restless. She then sees a candle and burnt her hand. She cries recalling Atharv and felt irritated and angry listening Ravish family laughing and having fun. Suman then comes to Ravish and pushes him in the room. Ravish go inside and excuse to Vividha. Vividha thinks that it was a servant and calls him to go out. She then drags him out and all other in the family gets shocked.

jaana-na-dil-se-doorSuman questions Vividha and she says that she think it was a servant as Ravish call me mam. They all laugh when Vividha says that he called me mam so I thought that he is a servant. They all then laugh and push them in the room again.

On the other side, Uma goes to Atharv’s house and says that where they are and why they didn’t come back till now. Uma then feeds the cow and felt restless for Atharv and Sujata. In the room, Vividha gets tensed seeing Ravish’s wound and starts crying.

Ravish console her and Vividha goes to sleep. Ravish looks on at her. In today’s episode, we are going to see Suman taunts Vividha and says that you must wear your mangalsutra and apply sindoor too. She then tells Ravish to do so and Ravish looks on at Vividha.

Now it will be interesting to see that did Uma able to find Atharv or not. Stay tune with us for more updates and gossips of Jaana Na Dil Se Door like this.

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