Super Dancer 19th November 2016 Episode Updates Elimination: Alia Bhatt Comes As A Guest

The last episode of Super Dancer is full of fun and masti. The show had got many amazing acts and moments for us. We had seen the children celebrating children’s day and show some amazing acts which fascinate everyone there. The episode starts with the top 8 contestants. The kids welcome everyone with a very rocking performance. It is always fun to see the little kids performing great which make everyone surprise.

Super DancerThe show then welcome the star cast of Tum Bin 2. The show was full of fun and is really epic. The show also gets Viaan son of Shilpa Shetty who enjoyed a lot with the contestants and it is really fun to see him on the show. The show had got much popularity in its first season and gets some surprising acts which were just unbelievable. All the contestants are master of their field and it is great to see them all performing.

The episode starts with Ashish and Dipali’s performance. Their performance was based on the titanic story. The kids performed well and get praised for their performance. Judges get to stand for them and pull lever as well. Dipali made everyone laugh by her acts. Then Laxman and Siddhant come to create the magic of love. The judges were much impressed by their performance and gets stand for them. They both gets amazing comments.

Raj Kundra joins the stage with his son and it is fun to see Viaan performing. Masoon and Yogesh come to rock the stage and come to show a love story. They are amazing nd their performance was much liked by all the judges and audience as well. This is amazing to see the kids performing and rocking the stage. Judges also pull the lever for them. Then Ditya and Ananya come to rock the stage.

Their power-packed was make everyone fascinate. This is really amazing to see them both performing amazingly. Then the show turns to the result and the three contestants who go in danger zone are Ashish, Ananya, and Shyam. Ananya gets eliminated this week. Now in today’s episode, we are going to see The Kapil Sharma’s team on the show. The show will get fun, entertainment and much more for all of us today. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Super Dancer like this.

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