Super Dancer 2nd October 2016 Online Episode Updates: Watch All Performances Video

Super Dancer

The show Super Dancer which had started some weeks before had gets so much success in a very short span of time. The huge level of talent and with a very new theme made the show gets high to the level of success. The show is predicted to get such success and now it is counted as one of most awaited dancing reality shows. In past some week we had seen the show going through its auditions round and then to the mega auditions.

Super DancerIt is really very hard for the judges to select the top 12 contestants from the very talented kids. The judges then decided to select the 12 contestants along with the 4 standby contestants. The show is going to create history and is getting a lot success. With the presence of the judges which are great faces of the Indian film industry and performing their job amazingly. The show had now moved on towards the performances where the kids perform with their gurus and get to learn more.

Yesterday we had seen the grand premiere of Super Dancer which is really grand and made everyone fascinate. The show starts with the introduction of the kids with their gurus by a very special performance. The mentor of the show Hrithik which has the capability to made the audience laugh with her funny comments and acts. The show is really amazing as it comes with a unique format where the teachers also perform with the kids and also gets eliminated with them.

The first performance of the Grand Premiere made the audience and judges fascinated. Vaibhav and Yogesh come to create the magic with their amazing performance. Their performance takes the show to an another level and gives fantastic starts to the show. All the performances take the show to an another level. Then Ashish and Lipsa come to perform and gets average  marks for their performance. Ashish’s mom acts it really funny and entertaining to see.

Then Shyam and Siddhant come to perform and made everyone crazy by their full on comedy performance. After them, Paul and Laxman come on stage which made everyone surprised by their fantastic performance. They get fantastic comments by the judges. Towards the end, Laksh and Vicky come and shows some very powerful moves. Their act made everyone crazy. They get the really amazing comments by the judges. Towards the end, Harsh and Anuja come and create the magic of love by their performance. The premiere proves that we are going to watch really amazing from the kid’s side now.

We are now going to see more amazing performances in today’s episode. Don’t miss to watch the great and amazing performances by the kids. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Super Dancer like this.

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