‘Supergirl’ Season 2: Episode 3 Promo Synopsis & Previews About Lynda Carter, Miss Martian, Mon-El And Maggie Sawyer!


AS we all know that the famous former Wonder women (Lynda carter)playing madam president in this episode of supergirl , As the women of steel has the duty to keep her safe while she visits the National city.

lynda-2Villians still manages to attack the president as by this attack Alien vs human rights issue heats up in the National city. Supergirl and The DEO are assigned to protect the president and bring in the responsible party. To investigate the case teams are made So Alex and detective Maggie come together.

Even in the presence of superman in Metropolis at the very end of the episode teaser ” the last children of Krypton” Mon-Eli woke from coma and started strangling kara, While Kara is searching for him , who she assumes is the alien behind the assault, glass shatters in the DEO hospital wing as the two get into a fight.

cat-grantThe final nightmare directed Rachel Talalay, Who recently helmed the “Fast Lane” episode of The Flash, directed the episode, which was written by Jessica Queller and Derek Simon. There is a glimpse of the woman who could be miss martian.

Sharon makes a debut by quoting ” You guys are fun” . She continues to transform into a Martian figure and uses her heat vision on Kara, In that video, Kara is smiling . Overall it does look like a fight.

Till it’s it has been confirmed about Miss Martian, Since M’gann is a shapeshifter, she could be hiding in a varsity of forms.Eric Carrasco of the Supergirl writer’s room tweeted that DCTv’s take on Miss Martian is “Admittedly very Different”.

Coming back to mon-EL disappeared again after the fight he had with The Woman of Steel .In the teaser, another alien tells Kara ” you are a trader to your people”as she spews fire from her fingerprints.

Here Are the Trailers:

  1. Supergirl 2×03 Promo Season 2 episode 3

2. Supergirl 2×03 Promo Season 2 Episode 3 Trailer

The appearance of Miss Martian isn’t confirmed in the episode 3 synopsis. But in episode 4 Hank is thrilled to have found another Martian so he tried to communicate with M’gann .This confirms her arrival in the next episode . Supergirl airs Monday night at 8 pm on the CW

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