‘Supergirl’ Season 2: {Latest Spoiler} Dichen Lachman As Roulette and Kara’s Relationship Crisis In Upcoming Series


Supergirl’s new villain is Dichen Lachman. Supergirl Season 2 premiere will be telecasted on this October 10, Monday, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW. Supergirl has indeed enlisted Dichen Lachman to play the role of Roulette.

She has joined season 2 as Roulette. It is anticipated that Dichen Lachman can bring DC Comics baddie Roulette to life. She is a great actress. It’s good casting for the character. She was great on ‘The Last Ship’,’ Agents of Shield’,’ The 100′,’ Doll House’. She will appear in one episode,the season’s fourth. The now-CW drama has cast the sci-fi staple to join season 2. Dichen Lachman is set to grace Supergirl season 2 as it transitions from CBS to The CW. Dichen Lachman is a golden age DC villain. The second season of Supergirl is featuring Dichen Lachman wearing a long red dress with a snaking tattoo clearly visible on her leg, stomach and shoulders. Costume designs clearly reflect the image of villain.


Her floor-length red dress and massive tattoo spans her body. The character is recognisable for this.It is reminiscent of character Roulette from DC comics.Many fans have already speculated that she will be playing iconic gambling mastermind.And now comicbook.com has confirmed this.

Based on the classic DC comics character Roulette operates an underground alien flight club in the national city and she is eager to control supergirl and get in the ring. Supergirl storyline is not yet clear but it’s sure that Dichen Lachman is more than capable of handling the part.

Dichen Lachman is very much familiar with genre fiction and superhero fare. She has already performed wonderfully in Agents of SHIELD. Her role on Dollhouse was also greatly appreciated. She has also been on The 100, Being Human, and Torchwood. She has done several different kinds of roles, sci-fi and fantasy TV shows. It’s really exciting to see her in this also as she is a promising actor.


Roulette is an awesome villain. She is Nepali-born Australian actress and producer. The character of Roulette she is playing will be well developed in Supergirl season 2. She was last seen on Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD as Daisy’s duplicitous mother. But she was not that lucky in character writing in Agent of SHIELD and The 100.


It is speculated that Supergirl is going to offer her a better opportunity. It seems like a jackpot for her.

Other key hires include Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, Cougar Town Alum Ian Gomez as Kara’s new  supervisor, Snapper Carr, Katie McGrath (Merlin) as Lena Luthor, Floriana Lima (the family) as science crimes captain maggie sawyer, containment’s Chris woods as Monel.

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