‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Latest Spoiler & Synopsis: ‘Superman Grudges To Arise Again With Hank’


The very famous and amazing Tv series which recently got a move over from the residing channel to another seems to have come out with some great story this time as the Supergirl season 2 is about to kick off on 10 October, the show makers are not letting any chance to stick the viewers from the show and viewership on the high.

It seems that tension between Superman which is going to be portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin in the upcoming series and the residing character of Hank Henshaw which is portrayed by David Harewood, will going to have some very personal and professional grudges this time as the situations between them is not looking great at all. The situation of a fight between Hank and Superman will go to take place. After doing a very deep synopsis about the upcoming episode of the Supergirl season 2.

superman-vs-hanks-3It can be easily seen that the episode which is titled as ‘The Last Children of Krypton’, will going to show Kara which is being played by ‘Mellisa Benoist’ will going to to get seriously injured after having a very dangerous face-off with Metallo which is being portrayed by (Fredrick Schmidt). metallio

He is basically a Kryptonite Powered villain which is tasked by CADMUS to create a Havoc in the National City. Then the actual story begins when Superman starts blaming Hank for whatever happened to her because the Kryptonite was stolen from the office DEO. This is not the very first time when they have started to fight each other.

superman-vs-hanks-2Because of the very long-running dispute with Hank over something Martian Refugees has done in the past. But this conflict will not go to go for a longer time as they both have to be on the same side to fight off Metallo in the upcoming episodes of Supergirl Season 2.

As their fight will going to take place in the upcoming season the viewership is definitely going to get some very great and amazing hype as the master card has been played by the show makers to get the wanted hype they want in the show.

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