‘Supergirl’ Season 2: “Latest Spoiler Update” Winn Schott’s Got Recruited By DEO!

supergirl-winn Scott

so as the suspense as been broken about the second season of super girl, About the pod crashing and the appearance of Mon- El . So it looks like on this case Winn (Jeremy Jordan ) will assist SUPERGIRL in this case of the National city.

It has been announced at the comic cone, Winn is going to leave CatCo Worldwide Media to work with DEO in season 2, and as seen in the new trailer released by CW, this has been in suspicion that Winn first assignment as an employee of the top secret agency has to do something with the crashing of the Kryptonians pod. As the synopsis released says : Sir, I would request that Winn help in the investigation”, Alex (Chyler leigh)tell hank (David harewood) at the DEO base “We need someone to analyze the pod’s telemetry, and Winn does read Kryptonians”.

winn-scottwinn-scottwinn-scottThen Winn explains how he got into this sarcastically telling ” I got bored, I thought I’d pick up a new language”he tells hank “space talk” Winn is really skilled but still he had to convince hank really hard that he would be an asset to DEO. Hank still challenges Winn “you want to prove your worth Mr. Schoot? Find out something my team of highly trained alien experts can’t,” Winn really confidently accepts the challenge.

The war between Hank and Winn already have taken a flight and after the aim he has been given of finding something new which no one knows he is going to spend the max time in the DEO labs so that means the max interaction of Hank and Winn it was said by the executive Sarah Scherer said at Comic-Con that fans can expect more fun scenes between Winn and Hank.

Here’s his interview at The DEO headquarter:

“Nobody annoys Hank more than Winn Schott”. AS Winn is really talented and intelligent he is going surprise Hank and the Rub Up against Hank’s alter ego and Winn scene of humor is going to be really fun to watch. In this series besides Winn’s entry Kara and Clark are going to team up to solve this case and eventually save The united states .

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