‘Supergirl’ Season 2: Latest {Spoiler Updates} Upcoming Characters, Episode Titles & Airing Dates Schedule


Supergirl is finally on The CW network and it seems The CW has a new hero.Melissa Benoist is the most justified choice for supergirl. A new  season of supergirl premieres Monday ,Oct.10 on The CW. There is a lot of discussion regarding change of network  and its impact on Supergirl.

SupergirlThe Supergirl made its debut on CBS for its first season and now it’s making its way to The CW for the second season.The big talking point about Melissa Benoist’s  sophomore outing is the official introduction of her superpowered cousins.Supergirl key art features star Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-el wrapped in her signature red cape.In season 2 ,Supergirl will team up with superman to battle new villains.Kara has left the safety of being Cat Grant’s assistant .It’s really exciting to see two most powerful  Kryptonians on earth standing side by side. Tyler Houchin will be the Superman and he is having a great hope.

In the first season, Superman’s appearance on screen was either from back or sunlight was used to conceal his  features. In season 2 Superman will be a more than blurry figure as in season 1.He will play a supporting role in series.

One thing is quite sure from his costume ,a new suit ,that he is going to embrace the very new look.The costume is designed by show’s costume designer Kiersten Ronning. It’s simply blue bodysuit, red boots and cape and a belt.Boots are simply inspired by an alien-comic book.

So it will take some time to get used to it. The texture of suit is subtle match to supergirl’s costume reflecting the same goal. According to producers costume is just the first step to shape this version icon.Hoechlin is avoiding seeing superman films because he doesn’t want to imitate anyone and resolve to stay true to the tradition of  Superman.

Hoechlin is going to be Man of  Steel .He was surprised as there was not an audition for this.It was a great meeting with Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg in June. He was told that meeting is in connection with Supergirl but nothing really specific.Only then halfway through ,they  raised the idea of introducing superman and asked about his interest. He, obviously agreed.It was Monday. On Friday ,he got a call with offer.

It all was flattering for Hoechlin.EW released a new photo of superman standing alongside Supergirl in the second episode of season 2.It was having a title ‘The Last Children Of Krypton’.In the image colour of Superman’s costume resembles Kara’s costume.Superman’s costume seems more well worn than Kara.Its quite understood that He has been in business of superheroics for longer than Kara.

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