‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Updates: Superman’s Official Arrival Teaser, Will Bring Conflict Between Kara & Alex


In the first season of Supergirl , Superman occupied almost imaginary figure with abundant weightage. Superhero was just represented by a shadow that has never been seen but often spoken of. But now the series has decided to bring the superhero into the light and that is really very exciting.

Relationship dynamics have been inseparable from Supergirl , Alex and Kara are pivotal of the show, With their sisterly love overcoming Astra’s death, Alex saving Kara’s life after she saved the world. Alex was brainwashed and Kara was trapped by Black Mercy. With the arrival of Ms Martian to Supergirl J’onn J’onzz feels drawn back to the roots as earlier it was navigation in chosen family vs blood relations. There is an interesting conflict between Alex and Kara in first few episodes. She sees Clark as a distraction for Kara.


Tension is going to be set up between Kara’s two families. Kara was dropped off at an orphanage in the silver age. Now Superman is suddenly taking care of a teenage girl all the time.

superman-and-supergirl-season-2Show is going to kick off its beginning in of second season on new network Netflix. Hints and glimpses of Man of Steel havebeen seen in the background when he was felled by Myriad. But this time he is going to be more than just a voice of encouagement. And this is going to create some tension between Superman and Kara.

Superman represents one half of Kara’s assumed family and Alex Danvers is her adoptive sister. Alex is going to have some concern about Clark. She loves him but when Kara is left on the doorsteps , she is excited to see clark and love to be with him.

Its going to inculcate a conflict. Kara had been living as undercover Kryptonian but circumstances impelled her to reveal herself to the world as a superhero.  Kara is going to be a more confident and less doubtful Supergirl in season 2 . That way she can work out the tension between her cousin and her sister but it will only be clear once it premieres on October 10.


kara-alex-in-supergirl-season-2Clark’s physical presence is surely to interfere with Kara and Alex. Partnership was a big focus for Kara and Clark’s relationship. By 1950s Superheroes started fading out of popularity. It was only when comics came into fashion, time was right to pick a new team to the centre stage to continue the heroic legacy.

The latest teaser Trailer showing Superman Officially is given Below:

Supergirl is a fictional superheroine appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. It is action comic  in partenership with Superman, Superboy, wonder girl, Barbara Gordan and Brainiac 5.

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