‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’ & ‘Arrow’ On CW: Full Reviews & Synopsis Of Season’s Upcoming Episodes


The CW  world ‘when they give they give it all’, in a flash  a new  strange world is open to us followed by the returns of arrow (on Wednesday ) ,super girl on  (Monday,oct 10), and legends  of tomorrow (Thursday,oct 13).  for all the comic lovers these shows always been a blessing in disguise, with all the melancholy of daily life the side superhero business and then these twists to the shows .Classic yet surprising.

The excitement level is off the charts, these are the reviews of these shows in order they air. THE FLASH- The premiere of the 3rd season of flash is out, as barry (grant Gustin)  continues to mesmerize us with his handsome and charming personality as flash the story takes steep turns now, quite deep in the past barry goes just to correct the mistakes he did earlier like flash killing his mother.

the-flashAs going with flash classic comic book story-line  barry has it all sorted, this time, His mom being alive again and his dad never been imprisoned all the bad parts of his life just being a part of his memory now. The ending of the sufferings takes us to the romantic part of the story, iris west and barry are getting close and  something delightfull is being cooked . but everything cannot be good in a superhero’s life , many familiar people come in the lime light again , as the premier closes the curiosity of audiences gets ignite.

ARROW-  giggle is back with the soldier mode in Chechnya , this season is the most mysterious of all  ,Thea after overcoming her bloodlust  joins the “mayor handsome” ( called by all) as the chief of staff, things didn’t work out for over much . staff additions are made independent vigilance scouted by her .green arrow is sinning some new sidekicks which really necessary for the good. Quentin lace -less SCPD is out of good cops and full of gangsters.

the-arrowStephen Amell spent much of his time working on a action sequence  getting ready for another adventure . dig and Thea, Will get all dressed up to support arrow , questions and only  questions are there in  this seasons opens with a lot of twists.

SUPERGIRL- IT is the most famous tv series of all as we grew up seeing a super man in many series and films the women power has shown its own effect on audiences. The lead is played by really hot melissa Benoist .that doesn’t mean that superman wont screen in even once , KARL EL is introduced in the beginning saving the world and does stick around from cat grant to fanboy wine.

supergirlThe introduction of super girls plot is quite eye widening.Katei McGrath manages to look really attractive and pretty with the supergirls muscles, well all the Kryptonians are quit classy, Alex denvers kicking everyone’s ass and Chyler  leigh slaying her part making our minds blown, still not leaving the man classic plot of superheroes with fighting scenes and pretty charming looks the premiere is going to stick you up for the updates.

The FlashTHE LEGEND OF TOMORROW–  this series being the odd one out  from all the dc’s comics series, except the superheroes this season 2 series promises  a reboot, rips ragtag crew searching for something new . with just mere the theory of the legends have gone missing they send the historian Dr Nate Heywood  in the office off Oliver Quinn’s mayoral office and u hold your pillow hard when Oliver arrives at the office and date still hasn’t downloaded the data.

Amazingly there is Albert einstein in the premier too (the physicist has contributed to our entertainment too) we are able to watch him in quit  more real . the best part the premier leaving us with the Que that sinister legion of doom that will keep the legends busy this season.

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