Superhit Kabali 19th Day Total Collection: Rajinikanth’s Hit Movie Break The Records Of Baahubali On Box Office


Kabali one of the biggest blockbuster movie of South Film industry, which has broke all the records of Film Industry and has shown the might and valour of Rajinikanth. The movie Kabali is a action thriller movie which is based on a person who is quite aged but the anger and power of the person is like a lion, who is considered as the king of the jungle. The Kabali is termed to be as the king of this world.


The movie starts from the story of a common man who is happily living with his daughter and wife, but suddenly one day when his enemies attack on him and destroys his whole world by attempting to kill his wife and due to this incident Kabali kills his men too, due to which he had to stay in prison for a very long time. When he came out he has stays the same person, who is known for his stubbornness and anger issues, the enemy of Kabali gets to know about this and he hires a killer whom he has paid to kill him. The fate’s got changed when the girl he hires to shoot Kabali, get to know that she is his own daughter. The daughter then comes on the favour of Kabali, is father and then they both try to get his mother. They gets to know somewhere that Kabali’s wife died while giving birth to his daughter but the doctor assistant tells them that his wife is still alive and s living somewhere not around to them. Then their journey begins to find the truth behind all this and their mother who is long lost to them. They find her somewhere living in a place where abandoned people used to live, she has lost his memory and is unable to remember them, but when she saw both of them she gets all her memories back and becomes so much happy to see them. The movie is full of action, thriller, emotional and sometimes comedy.

The movie Kabali does have all the required things which is must needed for a person to make a movie if 2-3 hours entertaining and admiring. Due to the presence of the Rajini factor in the movie, the movie hs got quite good marking and the director of the movie P.Ranjith who is known for his excellence in making movies is up to the mark which is must needed in case of Rajinikanth tag. The movie has done great business and got almost all the things which is must needed for any movie to make it’s way to the blockbuster, the movie collection is as follows.

The movie direct competition is with P.S Rajamouli’s BahuBali which has also known for his collections worldwide. The collection is:

The Total collection of Bahubali is 600 crore and
Rajinikanth’s Kabali’s is 650 crore, which has also shattered the record of movies till now.

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