‘Supernatural’ Season 12 : Latest Spoiler Updates About Upcoming Premiere Episode


Supernatural might be getting so many changes and after the official confirmation of comeback of the Mother Mary Winchester on the show, the show will be getting more and more amazing.

They will surely get another rescue mission in a fresh batch of photos from the CW series from October 20. The reason and situations for them might differ as this time, it’s a different thing because the Winchester will have to save one of their own. Dean will be seen reluctant to put his newly resurrected mom in harm’s way, but Mary is not innocent at all and can hold more than anyone can imagine, judging by the sneak peak, the mission which will definitely go to become a bloody mess at the end to rescue and take out Sam safely.

supernatural-season-12supernatural-season-12-3After having a lot of running your time and wasting it around from body to body and not to mention any clear thing at all.

The fallen angel has finally stopped and realizes that god is gone and now he has a whole lot of things still to do and this will surely be a very impressive and amazing game for him, he can do whatever he wants to do and whenever.

The executive producer of the show tells us about the role play of what Lucifer might be doing in the upcoming season as the God has the right idea and that idea says worship is fun and having people worshiping you might actually feel a great thing for many guys.

reunionBut this time as a unique lucifer which basically looks like a rock star Vince Vincente, which allows him to worship almost like a god. It actually allows him to experience that almost god-like worship.

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