‘Supernatural’ What’s Cooking Between Casteil & Mary Winchester In Season 12


Supernatural season 12 is going to be aired on Thursday, 13 October at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW. Supernatural season 12 will bring many personal stories about Castiel. Supernatural will focus more on Cas. Some personal stories about Castiel both in terms of the relationship with Dean and Sam and his past will be told in this season.

In the last season on The CW’s Supernatural Castiel sacrificed himself to become a vessel for Lucifer. He considered it the best option at defeating darkness. In the upcoming season, Castiel is going to take centre stage and it’s going to be an intense season for Castiel fans. Angel is going to have a connection with Dean and Mary that is not a romantic one but having many things in common. They are strangers in a strange land in a strange way. In this season more focus is on Cas as he finds himself responsible for Lucifer getting out of the cage.

mary-castiel-winchesterSupernatural season 12 trailer reflects that Supernatural season twelve may end sooner. The season will be of twenty-two episodes.Supernatural will complete 300 episodes in season 14,episode 13.

This is the first season with Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer as showrunners. Jeremy Carver has stepped from the show to work on another project. A new face has been hired in season twelve. But still, the season will be bringing many of the favourites back. Sheriff Jody, Donna, Claire, Alex ,and Crowley’s son Gavin all are sure to return.

supernatural-season-12Mary Winchester has been mythologized to the Winchesters. Sam and Dean with their mothers are starting anew. This season shows ‘family is just blood or something more than DNA.

In the beginning of The Supernatural season 12 premiere ,Mary, and Cas are rescuing Sam. Rescue missions are never easy .Season twelve premiere is going to be remembered from the battered ,bloody chained look of Dean. Sam is kidnapped by Lady Toni and the British men of letters.

The good news is that Sam was not shot by Lady Toni in the season eleven finale. Lady Toni is very against Dean and Sam. She is not a fan of Winchesters. Sam has been kidnapped and tortured. Dean ,Mary , and Cas are on save Sam drive.First three episodes focus on this rescue mission. Once Sam and Dean have united many new enemies appear. After three episodes.

supernatural-maryThe Winchesters and Castiel are going to face a double threat. The Winchesters are fighting the British Men of letters and Lucifer and also Hitler at the same time. Men of letters are not as bad as fans think they are. Sometimes Sam and Dean will be working with them and sometimes they will be working against them.

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