Suspect Shot Dead By Police In Killen During a Standoff


Killen, a town in Lauderdale County, Alabama, United States has a shootout in Motel 8 on Friday. The shootout was ended when the suspect died in the afternoon.

Police said “The man was identified as Eddie Collins, and the man was shot after a terrible gunfire with the SWAT officers’.


Florence Police Chief ‘Ron Tyler’ added that the man shot dead when the police entered the room in which the man has barricaded himself at 1:40 PM. The standoff ran for the whole day and at last the man caught dead by police.

“The situation inside had deteriorated to the point that we knew he was not going to come out,” Tyler (Florence Police Chief) said. He also added that “He was not going to end this peacefully.”

This was not the just a woman was also present inside the room and she too shot dead. The lady was identified as Venita Keen. The lady has been taken to ECM Hospital and her condition is still unrevealed.

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