Suspense Thriller Film “Raman Raghav 2.0” 4th day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earnings


A movie in which the plotting and the acting makes it feel alive and when the direction is just amazing the movie will definitely going to succeed on the box-office.

A movie like Raman Raghav is a movie which is just far beyond imagination and the perfection of the movie is just far beyond exception.  it is an Indian psychological Action/thriller and a suspense movie which is being directed by one of the most exceptional director like Anurag Kashyap who has already known for directing skills. It story is basically based on the notorious serial killer Raman and Raghav, both are different and operates inside Mumbai during the time of mid 60’s. Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is playing the role of Raman, a psychopathic serial killer, while Vicky Kaushal plays Raghav, a cop assigned to investigate the serial kllings and is a psycho himself.


The film is inspired by this notorious serial killer Raman Raghav, who operates inside Mumbai during the late 1960s, but it essentially is not a film about him. He used a regular and common steel pipe to damage human faces to severed heads and broken skulls. He was later captured by the Mumbai police and later confessed all the crimes he had committed in his lifetime. Raghav confessed to have committed 41 murders.

He was sentenced to death by the Bombay High Court, but it was later changed to life imprisonment after his defense pleaded that he was “mentally incapable of making conscious decisions hence did not know that his acts were unlawful. Hence the story shows how the killer used to do the killings and how he manages to do so many of them.

The movie’s trailer has got a great response from the audience but the movie didn’t get a very great response as it was expected by the makers of the movie but still it manages to run with others and make it’s way in front of others.

To stand up and show your worth is the biggest thing in the Bollywood and mostly it wasn’t found in many guys. But Nawaz has done it and shows how worthy he is to the Bollywood by his excellent acting skills.

The movie collection and total box office earnings is as follows:

1st day 1.10

2nd day 1.36

3rd day 2.15 crore total collection till the first weekend was 4.61 crore.

4th day according to the predictors the collection of the movie on the fourth day is about 1.75 crore.

The movie is going quiet well and is looking forward to keep it until the movie is about to remove from the theater.

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