Swara Is Trying To Prove His Innocence By Pistol! Swaragini 28th September 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates


In the last episode of Swaragini, we had seen that Adarsh and Parineeta now acting sweet with the family members.  It looks as they are trying to earn their trust. Then Parineeta and Adarsh gets aimed to see Laksh and Ragini there. Annapurna gets them there and says that we all now became a family.

Durga Prasad gets to Laksh and says that I can now get to know that who is my true sons. Adarsh and Parineeta greet them happily and then smirks seeing each other. Laksh and Ragini felt something unusual about them but then hugs them getting the hate for Swara and Sanskar. On the other side, Swara and Sanskar think on and says that their family can’t get dispatch like this. Dadi stops Shekhar when he is going to meet Ayush. She says to him that he can’t take him as his son now. Shekhar felt helpless and says that there is no other option for me now.

swaraginiSwara prays and then Sujata come there. Sanskar gets angry seeing her and says that what you will do now. Sujata shouts and says that Adarsh and Parineeta are cheated with us. They snatch everything and had given me fake notes. Swara and Sanskar get more shocked and Sanskar scolds Sujata badly. Swara says to Sujata that we all have to fight with this conditions now. She says her to be strong.

Sumi comes there and says to Swara that she is now lose everything. Swara gets more hurt seeing her family destroyed. She calls Ragini and urges her to meet her for once. Ragini agrees. On the other side, Laksh goes to meet Sanskar.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Swara gets more angry and worried seeing her family getting a break. She goes to Durga Prasad and asks him, to tell the truth. Durga Prasad takes Adarsh and Parineeta’s side and Swara gets shocked at this. She puts the gun on her head and about to shoot herself. Now it will be interesting to see that did the truth come in front or Parineeta will play any other game. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Swaragini like this.

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