Swaragini 11th August 2016 Epic Episode Written Updates Recap: Ragini Slaps Swara In Front Of Family

The show starts and we see swara calls dadi and tells her that she is coming to take answers of her crimes and dadi gets shocked. Dadi says that swara came to know about truth but she will not let sumi know about it and calls sumi and sends sumi to bring something from outside and prays that she will not return till swara leaves from here.
Ragini comes to her room and goes somewhere taking cheque, and collides with Annapurna and she asks ragini that where is she going?She makes an excuse of going to badi to see sumi’s balwadi and she lets her go. There swara and sanskar comes to dadi and asks about sumi, Swara goes inside and checks sumi and comes out saying that you sent maa somewhere so that she cant know about your truth, just then sumi comes and dadi gets shocked. She welcomes them inside.
She welcomes them inside and saya that she didn’t go coz of traffic jam. Then sumi takes them to her room and shows them toys, saying that she will make this room as balwadi. Swara hugs her and goes to dadi, and tells her that she met that nurse and dadi tries to give explanations and she says no need. She threatens her that she will tell everyone about her that day when she will get her brother and says that her baba will not tolerate her in this house.
There  ragini puts the money in trash bin as told by blackmailer and he puts the money from there and tries to go. She was about to see him just then he hits her on leg with wooden stick and runs away. Then she gets call from blackmailer and he says that she will never know who is he? Swara and sanskar come home and takes blessings from both mothers. Laksh gets a call of mr mittal informing that 5 lakh rupee is withdrawn from his account, and asks him not to inform anyone.
Then ragini comes and apolozises to swara as she had to go outside and couldn’t welcome her. Laks asks that what happened to her and she says that she fell down as she went to baadi. Ragini goes to her room and swara follows her and asks that what she is hiding from her as she was not there when swara was at baadi. Ragini says that she went there after swara. She saya that she can call maa and ask her, it will better if she tells her may be swara can help ragini. Then ragini says that why always she thinks ragini is weak and cant handle her problems. She asks her to go as she can handle and cries after that thinking that she has no other way.
Precap: we will see swara sks ragini that she has seen ragini taking pics of some documents and ragini stops her to interfere in her matters, later she slaps swara and all gets shocked.

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