Swaragini 12th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Epic Twist Blackmailer Removes Cap


The show starts and we see Laksh talks to Mr. mittal how to get know about that money matter. Then he recalls ragini was hiding some cheque, then cheque must have got misplaced and he should talk to her before the family.

Then Laksh and Sanskar with Durga are about to leave for office and Annapurna asks them to not to go at least today. They get surprised seeing Uttara with rakhi plate for them. Then Swara sees rakhi and thinks of her brother and hopes that she will find him and will solve Ragini’s problem then they will celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Swara brings laddoo. Ragini comes downstairs and gets a message demanding some pics if tender papers on the table. Uttara accuses Ragini for not reminding talks about rakhi and Sanskar says to Swara that she and Ragini will soon tie a rakhi to their brother.

SwaraginiUttara insists on getting the rakhi ritual first, and Laksh goes to see his papers and Ragini stops him saying they should do rakhi ritual first. They all go to another room and Ragini remains alone with the file.Ragini takes pics of file and Sara comes from behind and takes her to the kitchen and asks that what she is hiding from her as she saw her taking pics. Ragini denies and asks Swara to not to interfere in her life and Swara snatches the phone from her hand and asks for the password.

Then Ragini shows her gallery that was clean and Swara apologises her. Swara leaves and Ragini gets a message that how could she bear insult so she will have to slap Swara. Ragini goes and slaps Swara in the hall in front of all. They all asks her that what she did and she said that Swara always tries to insult her so she couldn’t bear this time and cries.

They all go saying Ragini that she should slap herself and they hate her. She shouts and says that she is fed up of everything as she always repents for her sins but they are never forgotten and not forgiven and runs to her room. Then Laksh says sorry to Swara and Swara is in shock moving to her room. Ragini cries in her room and slaps herself for what she did and says that she didn’t want to hit her but she had to do.

Then a paper aeroplane fell over Ragini and she runs towards the balcony and sees a man leaving. She reads the note on paper and reads that she must hurry and forward the photos, Ragini was worried about deleting the pics. Then Laksh comes with the files and closes the door and says that he needs to talk to her.
Precap: we will see Laksh was sure she can’t withdraw rupees without asking him. Then Ragini denies being a puppet in the hands of that hooded man anymore and asks who he is, he removes the cap from his face.

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