Swaragini 13th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv: Parineeta Shouts At Ragini & Swara


The going episodes of Swaragini is featuring Parineeta and Adarsh planning to ruined the happiness of family members. They both are playing cheap tricks to humiliate them and to pressurize them to be a servant. The episode starts with Laksh hiding the parcel from Ragini. Ragini feels something fishy and asks about the same to Laksh. She says him not to do anything bad. Laksh agrees and takes her outside.


In office Sanskar’s boss handover him 2 lakh to give someone. Sanskra does the same and gives the receipt to the boss. The boss then thinks on that Adarsh was right as I give him  2,80000 and he didn’t return the remaining amount to me. On the other side, Annapurna is caring Durga Prasad while he is getting tensed for the family. Annapurna consoles him and says that everything will be fine soon. Dadi goes to Sumi and scolds her as his son is crying badly. Ragini comes in front of Dadi and tells her not to say anything to Sumi. The neighbours also supported Ragini and Dadi leaves getting fume.

Sanskar gives the money back to his boss and his boss gets happy by his honesty. He thinks that I was wrong about him as he is an honest man. Just then Adarsh comes to him and says that why don’t you kick him out. The boss defended Sanskar and says that he is an honest man. Adarsh gives him an idea to judge him once more and traps him in words. Chatterjee gives 20 lakhs to Sanskar and asks him to submit the money in the bank. Adarsh smirks at this and calls his goons to be ready.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that the goons take money from Sanskar and tells a lie to the boss that Sanskar had paid them for stealing the money. The boss gets angry at this and says Sanskar to leave the job. Ragini and Swara plan to save Annapurna and Durga Prasad. They take women from some organisation and ask them to see the condition of a woman who is forced to be a servant. Parineeta gets shocked at this and shouts at Swara and Ragini. Now it will be interesting to see did their plan gets successful of not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news of Swaragini like this.

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