Swaragini 14th October 2016 Written Updates Episode 690: Lakshya Finds Sanskar

In the last episode of Swaragini we saw that Swara was blaming Sanskar for Lakshya’s disappearance and today Ragini is alone just because of you. Annapurna asked Swara to stop blaming Sanskar. Shekhar said now there is no matter to talk on this topic. Sanskar shouts on Swara. Swara grabbed is collar and asked if he will beat her. Swara said you said that our relation is over.

Swara asked when Lakshya was angry, how can you increase his anger, Sanskar asked her to stop this and said I tried to make him understand. Sanskar added that Lakshya told him what Adarsh told him and then I laughed. Swara said great, you were launghing on him to make him more agrresive. Swara said your laugh was life taking and you were about to kill him. Sanskar asked so what you want to say that he is responsible for Lakshya’s disappearance ?


Swara said yes and said I can’t bear this. Ragini looks on to this. Swara asked Sanskar that you asked me that our relation is over and now I am giving a commitment that I will not fill my hairline will Sindoor of your name untill Ragini’s husband won’t come back. Everyone was shocked to see this. Swara said until Lakshya will return we have no relation between us.

Now in today’s episode of Swaragini we will see that Sanskar will beat the goon and will ask where is my brother ? What did you do with him ? Goon will ask Sanskar to leave else he will gave his life. Swara will inform Sharmishtha that Sanskar called her and said that he found Sanskar.

Ragini will hear this and will be glad to know that Sanskar found Lakshya. Later Swara and Ragini both will dance in the funtion. Stay tuned with us for much more entertaining and buzzing updates of TV Serials and other entertainment stuff. Keep watching the show on Colors TV.

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