Swaragini 15th June 2016 Today’s Episode: Sahil Annoyed Seeing Swara & Kissan Dancing Together


Swaragini showcased something new and twisting in its last telecast as Swara called Ragini and informed that she is fine. While Swara was moving the moving and she saw a man standing at the top of bridge to jump and committee suicide. Swara moved towards him and asked him to stop and calm down. The man was non-other than Sanskar Maheshwari who came with a new face and new name i.e Kissan.

Kissan said to Swara that leave me I wanted to die as I could not get selected in India’s got talent. Swara said that you will get selected but committing suicide is not any solution. Kissan was on his statement to die with the name of Bajrang Bali. Kissan said that I will jump as Bajrang Bali don’t want me to go in India’s got talent. Parineeta said that Swara and Ragini both are here and she can’t be in risk thus she thought to do something.


Kissan aka Sanskar was about to jump but Swara saved him and said that he will definitely go to India’s Got Talent. Kissan said that for that I need a partner. Swara said that I will be your partner. Kissan then said that where I will live now. He decided to live on open street for that Swara asked him to come with her in Badi.

Swara took Sanskar to her home and asked Shekhar and Sharmishtha to allow him to stay in the house. Initially Dadi denied for this but then they got ready for this.

Today’s telecast of Swaragini we will see that Kissan and Swara will prepare for the India’s Got Talent and will start dancing. Sahil will come there and will see them both together with each other. Sahil will get annoyed by seeing this. Ragini will move out of the corridor and will get fall. She will fall down on the floor and Parineeta will point on that. Parineeta will comment that why you forgets that you are pregnant.

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