Swaragini 16th August 2016 Full Episode Written Updates Recap: Ragini Try To See Blackmailer’s Face


The show starts and we see sanskar goes to his room and sees swara crying thinking ragini slapping her. Sanskar consoles her and hugs her. Swara says that she is not feeling bad about ragini raised hand on her but she is feeling that ragini is doing something wrong and that slap afeeted ragini more than her. She says that she is feeling ragini is in any trouble. There ragini says to laksh that she had an argument with swara and she couldn’t bear it that’s why slapped her then laksh says that is she sure that she is not hiding anything from him else she wouldn’t have withdrawn money from the bank.


She says that a mucsuc academy’s friend needed that. Just then she gets a message saying not to tell anything to laksh and laksh takes his office bag. Then ragini spills water on laksh and he goes to change , till then ragini takes pics of tender papers. Sanskar comes calling ragini and laksh comes and asks him not to say anything to ragini as swara also raised hand on ragini but he never complained, then saanskar gets irritated and goes. Then swara gets a call from orphanage informing about her brother, she notes down the address and tells sanskar. Ragini gets a call asking for pics but she says that she will pics only when she meets someone and they call her at 8 pm. Swara and sanskar come to chaube’s house and introduce themselves.

Orphanage lady tells her that boy’s family is found and chaube’s wife says yes, she knows someone came from agency and took the baby. A goon shows baby to ragini and she gets emotional seeing him, she takes him in her arms and talks to him that she is his sister, and she had to do very much to find him and fb shows pareenita sending video to her and she comes to orphanage to adopt baby for her mom and warden ask her to bring her parents and ragini sees nurse coming and talking to lady begger about sumi’s baby ragini hears her and thinks even sumi loses baby on that day. then ragini checks paper on orphanage and goes to chaube house seeing address there and took the baby from there in orphanage staff’s dress, and as she sits in car just then blackmailer comes and kidnapps chotu, she runs behind the car and fb ends. ragini talks about her condition with chotu that how pareenita blackmailes her saying that she will tell that ragini kidnapped that baby. Then they tak baby from her hand and she cries.

Swara and sanskar asks lady constable toohelp them finding pareenita as she thinks that there is any connection between ragini’s behavior and chotu’s and pareenitta’s missing. Then durga tells is family happily that they got tender and asks to ragini and swara to stop the fights and Annapurna comes with Prasad and asks swara to make it eat to each of them. Ragini says sorry toio swara and makes swara eat Prasad. swara sees ragini crying happily.

Precap: we will see ragini says to blackmailer that she wont do as he says coz she wants to meet hima nd she gets shocked as he turns his face….

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