Swaragini 16th June 2016 Episode Updates: Ragini & Lakshya Met A Road Accident


Last telecast of Swaragini showcased that Dadi was denying to keep Kissan at home but when Swara insisted then she agreed and Swara took Kissan too his room. Dadi asked Sharmishtha and Shekhar that what Swara is doing here as she must be in Maheshwari house. Sharmishtha and Shekhar explained everything to her.

While on the other hand Kissan repaired the fan. Kissan fell down on the sofa and Swara laughed at him. Kissan aka Sanskar observed this and was happy to see this. Sansakar saw the broken photograph of his marriage with Swara. Dadi asked Sharmishtha and Shekhar to make her recall about Maheshwari family. Dadi asked Swara to live in Maheshwari family but Swara denied and said that I can’t live with that murderer in the same house. Swara said I know that he is my husband but I recalls the negaitive things when I looks at him.


Sujata called Sanskar and asked where are you ? Sanskar said that I am at my friend’s house and he said that he will come back soon. At Maheshwaro house everyone was at dinner table and Sujata dreams that Sanskar is sitting in front of her. Ragini walked and fell down.

Parineeta commented on that how can you be so careless and how can you forget that you are pregnant. Sanskar and Kissan was doing practice for Kissan’s India’s Got Talent performance and there both were dancing at that time Sahil reached there and saw them both dancing together. Sahil was annoyed to see this all.

Tonight in Swaragini we will see that Sahil will get annoyed by seeing Kissan and Swara together. Sahil will ask Swara to come with him and will take her foribly. Kissan will look on to this. Ragini and Lakshya will be returning to home after meeting Swara and then Ragini will see lorry about to hit their car. She will alert Lakshya. Lakshya will hit the car in a tree. ragini will get injured and blood will fall down of her hand.

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