Swaragini 18th August 2016 Written Ep : Swara Hits Blackmailer Tries To See His Face

The show starts and we see sujata says that pareenita is behind this news paper conspiracy and ragini says no as she is a woman and cant do these things against other woman. Sanskar says that media found it from any stranger and got it sensational so published it.

Then durga Prasad makes her understand to forget it and have food. Ragini calls blackmailer and asks what he wants and asks her not to harm her brother, he says that why swara is not kicked out of the house so that his revenge can be completed and she says that what revenge even she doesn’t know him.


There swara comes in study room and sees her pics in laptop and printer there, and cries thinking that any family member is involved in it but who? Then she finds ragini’s bangle piece there and just en ragini comes and asks her that she cant believe this.

Swara asks ragini that why she hates her so much? She thinks that there is a big reason behind her doings and they hears sujata talking and go. There sanskar and ram says to sujata and Annapurna to go out of kitchen as today they will make food and they laugh and asks ladies to watch picture. Ragini gets a call and asks him to not hide his face and says he wants to see his face, and he, asks her not to go anywhere.

Sujata says that she will go with her and she says that she has taken appointment from parlour and swara says that she will come alos and ragini asks her to go with them and sujata agrees. All the man cooks in kitchen, sanskar makes dal and laksh chapatis, while durga cooks in oven and it burns as he puts steel spoon in it and laksh tells him that.

Ladies come home and see the food made. Sanskar asks themto sit and serves the food. Ragini sees her anklet stuck in tries to free swara sees her dirty feet and asks her that what she done in parlour and she says pedicure. Then servant comes and says that hotel has sent raita and they look at each other, ladies get to know and everyone laughs. Laksh says that papa made this plan and ordered food from hotel.

Swara thinks ragini is lying and tensed. Durga gets a call and asks laks to go to Jaipur for work. Ragini gets message of stopping laksh and sending sanskar instead of him. Ragini says everyone that laksh will not go to Jaipur coz she has to go her friends marriage with him. and asks to send sanskar instead of him. he agrees.

Swara asks about ritu’s marriage and she says yes.. then swara thinks ritu got married before 3 years and calls ragini in kitchen. Ragini gets a chit to meet him at 1: 30 am if she wants to need his truth. Then rakhi comesa and asks who is he? then the person standing as blackmailer is swara, raginbi gets shocked seeing her and swara sks her everyrthing as she heard her talking to blackmailer.
Precap: we will see swara will say rto ragini thatthey have to tell truth to everyone and they can slve it together and they both finds the camera in house and says that god will save their brother on janamashtmi…..

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