Swaragini 19th August 2016 Written Update Online Recap Episode: Swara & Ragini Get Shocked By Blackmailer’s Truth


Ragini was getting ready for the Rituals of Janmashtami festival. That sudden time blackmailer throws the message into her room. Ragini looks for him but didn’t found him. She reads the message which states that she will have to stay at home and the locker keys too should be left on the bed of her room. She tells this to Swara and she asks her not to worry and gives her courage that they both will go to tackle this together.


Swara was trying to take the keys from Annapurna but she missed the chance in the kitchen. they all were about to leave from there and Annapurna asks everyone to hurry up, Adarsh and Laksh was late because of their meeting. Ragini was still searching for an excuse to stay at home while Annapurna was asking her to ready and hurry up because they are getting late. Ragini acts like she is not well and Annapurna gets worried over this thing and in that time Swara somehow manages to steal the keys. Everyone was thinking of not going there and nd about to cancel the plan and was about to call and tell me. Shekhar tell they will not come.

Ragini says them not to get worried for them, she asked them to join them later. everyone leaves from there and then Sumi and Shekhar welcomes all of them as the reach to their home. Dadi sees Swara and she gets very tensed because she knows everything about his bad deeds. Ragini who was very much stressed and is feeling bad too for doing all this to his own family. Sumi asks Swara about her rude behaviour with Dadi, but Dadi somehow tackles the situation and make her stay quiet over her deeds.

Blackmailer comes into the home and is about to meet Ragini. While Blackmailer was about to run from the home< Ragini follows him and take the papers from his hand. Swara comes there and hits on his head making him staying on the ground and he becomes unconscious. Adarsh was under the mask and they both gets shocked to see him there.

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