Swaragini 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Swara & Ragini Are Shocked


In the last episode Swara called Sanskar and asked if he made fake promise and asked about Laksh. Sanskar got angry on her and said that he couldnj’t find Laksh. Ragini heared them. She said that she have full faith on her sindoor and love. Sankar came back home alone. Utara asked Sanskar about Laksh. Sanskar told everything that he got Laksh’a car. He showed Laksh’s wallet. Sanskar told that he is worrid about Laksh. Durga Prasad asked Sanskar to continue searching him and said that he have faith on him and God. Sanskar assured Annapurna that he will bring Laksh back.

SwaraginiUtara told Sanskar that Annapurna not speaking to him since Laksh left. Swara was walking on the road and recalled Sanskar told her that he couldn’t find Laksh. Sanskar was in his car and saw Swara standing on road. He stopped car in the nick of time. Some people gather there and scolded Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar started arguing. Swara said to Sanskar that now she feel pity on his condition. Sanskar said to Swara the she gives wound and then apply ointment of pity.

Sanskar asked Swara not to come infront of him. Swara said that Sanskar breaks promises. Sanskar said that he break promises not relations like Swara. They walked towards opposite direction. Ragini asked Swara not to fight with Sanskar. She asked Swara to sleep.

In today’s episode Swara and Ragini hear Sanskar talking to Utara’s mum in law. Utara’s mum in law tells Sanskar if he ever unites with his bengali wife then she will send Utara back to their house. Sanskar says he will never unite with his ex wife.

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