Swaragini 1st August 2016 Written Updates Episode Recap: Parineeta’s Mother Warns Maheshwari Family

Swaragini 1st Aug
The show starts and we see Ragini talking on phone with Parineeta and Parineeta asks to her to watch a video and she will never trouble her anymore then Ragini sees and gets shocked. Dadi gives tickets of Kashmir to Shekhar and says him to take Sumi away from here and she will feel better there and she says to Sumi that she knows the pain of losing a baby but relax and get ready to go and shekher thanks his mother and she goes out.
On the other side Ragini is about to faint seeing that video but Laksh comes and holds her and asks her to welcome him like this daily and kisses on her head saying he loves her but phone falls from Ragini’s hands and then Laksh asks her to come for dinner but she says that she will come after sometime and she calls Parineeta and says that she has to meet her at 1 am in night, and she thinks that she hide a lot but as Parineeta got to know about it now she has to stop her and meet her.
Swaragini 1st Aug
Then late in the night pareenita calls her and she is going to meet her suddenly Swara hears ringtone and comes outside in the hall. Ragini goes outside the home and sees Laksh there and she gets nervous then Laksh asks her the reason of going outside at this time and Ragini says that she was searching for her anklets and he says that they can search it in the morning and takes her inside and asks her to bring coffee and serve dinner and then.
Swara asks them that what they were doing outside this time and Laksh replies that they were searching Ragini’s anklet, she was going to her room suddenly Ragini’s phone rings and swara takes her phone and gets shocked seeing 21 missed calls of Parineeta and asks about it. Swara calls Pareenita and scolds her not  to call her sister again and says ragini to not to take tension about her and tells her that we will go to Daadi in the morning as maa and Baba are going to Kashmir and says good night.
There dadi sees a dream in which Sumi is stabbing her for her baby’s death and gets up gets up shockingly and goes to Shekher’s room and gets worried not seeing sumi there and gets scared when sumi keeps hand on her shoulder from backside and shouts and Shekher wakes up and she say that she saw a bad dream nothing else and says them to sleep as they will leave in the morning and goes.
In the morning Swara and Ragini comes and says take care and shekhar asks about their family and  their behavior then Swara replies that everything will get fine soon and shekhar and sumi hugs both of their daughters and leaves. After that ragini asks swara to forgive Parineeta as mistakes happen by everyone but Swara refuses and says your fear is saying this not you.
Parineeta’s mom will come to Maheshwari’s house and threatens them that she will not leave anyone if anything happens to her daughter and Ragini gets shocked.

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