Swaragini 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Parineeta Asks Annapurna To Come Home


As parineeta has brought all the injections from the Hospital and there is no other shop who could provide the same medicine which is needed by the doctor for the treatment of Durga Prasad and they are in need of those medicine right now. She try to make them feel sorry for their behavior what they have done with her and is now asking for pure insult and want them to feek her like the god and beg her for giving them the medicine for saving their father-in-law’s life.


They were not ready for doing anything like this and will never going to go down on their knees in front of someone like Parineeta. Parineeta insists them as this is the only way through which they can save his life. They both went to the home and meet Parineeta, she was standing and waiting for them to come and rub their nose and feel sorry for what they have done with her including the slap which Ragini gives her while going from there last time. The situations is very tensed as they all are feeling very annoying and when Swara is about to bend and when Ragini ask her to stop she tells her the coincidences which will going to happen with their father if they don’t agree to her condition.

Their real plan was to make her fall making the injection to fall from her hand so that they can take it from her, they succeeded in doing so and Parineeta again got defeat in her plan and Swara and Ragini went towards the hospital. When they reach there they find out that now the injections are not worth it and the doctors are referring to do a by-pass surgery which will need no time. The hospital staff ask them to pay the money so that they can proceed and hace the operation done on their father. They plan to ask for a loan from their friend and will going to have the money arranged from there.

The situations are getting worse for all of them and because of lack of money the staff have shifted their father to a general ward from the ICU, they all gets so much worried of this and as they planned to get the money from their friend nobody helped them and even turn their faces to even listen to them just because of their brother’s deed which is now they are paying. The news of Aadarsh kicking his father out from the house has got so much viral and got spreaded that the hospital staff even nodded them to not let them stay as they don’t have the name and money and there is nothing left with them at all. The hospital staff have prepared the discharge papers which states that they will kick them out if they don’t pay the money before 24 hours.

The things get very strange when Parineeta comes to the hospital and stops the staff from shifting their father-in-law from ICU to a general ward and want them to do the surgery as early as they can and she will going to take both Durga Prasad and Annapurna back to their home as they both want them to come home with them and live with them too

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