Swaragini 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Live Streaming: Swara Consoles Ragini About Their Strength

Swaragini 22nd August 2016

The show starts and we see Ragini ties thread silently seeing blackmailer reading property papers. He comes and falls down due to it, Ragini tries to see her face and shouts to stop but he picks a vase to throw on her. Just then Swara comes and hits him with

Just then Swara comes and hits him with vase on his head and he falls unconscious. Ragini turns lights on and they get shocked seeing his face as its Aadarsh. Swara says bhaiyaa and Ragini recalls all incidents. He gets up and they ask him why he did all this as he was ego of the family. He blackmails them and says not to ask question else he will kill Chotu and will tell that she killed Parineeta and she says she didn’t do that.

Swaragini 22nd August 2016

He sees Sujata and Annapurna standing there as he turned to go. He gets shocked seeing them and they ask him why he is pale and what happened he says nothing. They sees blood coming from behind his ear and gets tensed asking about it. He makes excuse that he came back from meeting and fell down outside, Swara says she came for Ragini and Ragini says she called her as she was feeling unwell.

Swara asks for jacket of Aadarsh as its has blood stain on it and he recalls papers in it but had to give it to Swara. Then swara keeps all the stolen jwellery in locker from his jacket and tells Annapurna that keys have found in room itself they all thank god and Ragini looks at Swara.
Later in the kitchen Swaragini talks about if they could tell this to Laksh but they cant as Chotu is with aadarsh, Aadarsh hears from outside and comes saying that they cant befool him as he has eye on him showing spy camera. He says he just wants signatures of his father on papers else they will lose their brother, and he goes.

Later Durga talks to Laksh and Sanskar and Aadarsh that he has to sign some papers and then send them back. Ragini says she will bring them from study room and she mixes Aadarsh papers in between them and he signs them without reading. Laksh says he will post them but Aadarsh takes them saying he will post them with some other papers and smiles.

Swara comes and says stop. In next episode we will see Aadarsh brings a veiled lady with a baby to home and says that he took them for their safety. Swaragini look at baby its chotu and tries to hold it and feels current. He says if they try to touch him, he can die. They gets shocked.

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