Swaragini 22nd June 2016 Episode: Police Arrested Swara In Charge Of Sanskar’s Murder


In the last episode of Swaragini we saw that Sahil saw Kissan removing his fake hair and Sanskar came out of that. Sahil decides to tell Swara about this all and he decides to expose Sanskar in front of everyone. Sahil and his mum Maya came to Maheshwari family and everyone greeted them. Sanskar came back to home and Sujata hugs him.

Swara was getting ready and was panic to hear that Sanskar has come up in the house. Sahil took the signature of Sanskar and then they moved out from there. Sujata asked Sanskar to stay and have dinner together. Sahil asked Swara to moved with her and asked that he will drop her to Badi. Sanskar was tensed and he gave hints to Lakshya and they both tried to manage the situation. Sujata gave him her swear and asked him to stay together on food.


Sahil was desperate to expose Sanskar. Swara moved back to home. Sharmishtha told that Kissan is sleeping in his room. Sahil thought that how can it be possible as Sanskar is in Maheshwari house. Sujata feeds Sanskar. Sahil moved in Kissan’s room and checked the room.

Sahil moved in and uncovered the bed and he saw a bunch of pillows. Sahil decided to tell this all to Swara but at that time Maya called him and asked him to come back to home urgently. Ragini noticed abortion pills in Parineeta’s room. Ragini recalled everything and thought that Parineeta tried to kill my baby.

Tonight in Swaragini we will see that Police will come to Maheshwari house and will ask for Swara. Swara will come out and police will ask to arrest Swara. Everyone will be shocked and Lakshya will ask that what Swara has did ? Police will say that Swara had did the murder of Sanskar Maheshwari. Police will showcase some belongings of Swara and Sujata will confirm that these all are of Swara. Sujata will get shocked and will start scolding Swara. Ragini will ask Sujata to stop scolding Swara. Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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