Swaragini 24th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Adarsh & Parineeta Truth Revealed


The show starts and we see aadarsh tells ragini that swara failed his plan and is she thinks that she is smart? Swara replies yes coming there. She says if he makes them meet with their brother they will take durga’s sign on it. He agrees to do this. In evening aadarsh comes home with lady having a baby at home and says to all that he found her on road and she was asking for help so he brought her to home and says she cant speak. They say its good deciosion you took and asks him to take her in guest room.


Swara and ragini get glad hearing chotu’s voice. He takes her to guest room and swaragini come there and tries to touch their brother’s cradle but gets crackers blasts. Then aadarsh says that if they try to go close to baby then he can kill him.

Swara feels a smell and he says its of barood and they get shocked. He tells that he has remote, if he press the button then his taawiz blasts. They both cries and look at baby as he also cries. He asks them to take sign fast else he will kill him and leaves. Later swara asks ragini that she will tell it to sanskar and she says no just then sanskar comes and asks what they are hiding. And they makes excuses saying something and ragini goes. Swara hugs sanskar and thinks hat she cant tell him anything.

Sanskar asks durga to read the papers before ending and he reads it, Just then Ram calls him to send file fast and laksh asks ragini to bring file from room. She brings file and gives to durga and he looks for his pen. Then durga signs on papers and swara takes them saying she will give it, she slips file intentionally and says sorry. Aadarsh says he will help her and she takes out some papers and gives it to him. She asks him to give chotu and he says that court is closed tomorrow so he will submit papers then he will give chotu as he doesn’t believe on her extra smart mind…

In next show we will see sujata sees aadarsh hugging the woman and asks him about that, he says he was holding her as she was unconscious. and swaragini see balck color water falling on them and find something confirming their doubts….

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