Swaragini 24th June 2016: Sanskar Exposed On The Stage Of India’s Got Talent & Inspector Comes To Arrest Swara


Last night in Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Swara asked Kissan that they have to do all the practice in just 2 days as India’s Got Talent is in two days. They both were playing guitar and Sahil came there was about to expose Kissan then he thought that my second plan is much bigger and better to expose Sanskar.

Then in the night to time Sahil took all the stuff of Sanskar and burned it. He said that now your drama is over. In the morning time Swara bought food tray to Ragini and asked her that this is for the baby. Ragini was guilty that she is feeling bad as she is lying to Swara. Swara moved from there by saying that she has to make Kissan trained for India’s Got talent. Kissan was murmuring a song and Swara heard that and recalled Sanskar.

She was sad and Kissan asked her what she is thinking. She said that her mind says that Sanskar is wrong while her heart says that he is correct. She added that she feels attracted towards him. Sanskar was happy to see that Swara is still in touch with him. Sanskar as Kissan asked to her that may be Sanskar will be correct and her eyes saw half truth. He asked Swara to give Sanskar one chance to explain everything.

Also we saw that Dadi, Sharmishtha and Shekhar came to Maheshwari house where Annapurna asked them that she wants a Puja and a function so that Ragini and her baby will be normal and healthy and also people will get this good news that Ragini is pregnant.

Tonight in Swaragini we will see that Swara and Sanskar will perform at the stage of India’s Got Talent and Sanskar’s wig will get fall down on the floor and he will get exposed automatically and Swara will see him. Swara will slap Sanskar. After that Inspector will come to Maheshwari Family in order to arrest Swara in charge of murduring Sanskar. Stay tuned for more.

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