Swaragini 25th August 2016 Written Episode: Everyone Leave Maheshwari House


The show starts and we see ragini sees swara saves chotu and she cries happily. They kisses chotu and laksh asks aadarsh whats the matter and he asks him to wait. Swaar and ragini come with chotu and sujata asks why ragini is wearing dumb woman’s clothes. Ragini gives chotu to sanskar and goes to that dumb lady and aadarsh asks them not to come near her.

Swara throws water on it and ragini lift the ghunghat they all get shocked seeing pareenita there. Swara takes chotu and says its chotu, son of her parents and sumi and shekhar comes and hears it. Sumi runs to him cryingly that is he her babu? Swara sys yes maa its our chotu whom we thought dead, she recalls the temple scene and shekher says everything is done by maa.


Sujata and Annapurna asks pareenita that how can she stoop so low to steal other’s baby and swara tells that aadarsh and pari tried to kill her brother putting bomb on his neck, Annapurna slaps pari. Aadarsh shouts maa..how dare you to slap her and ram stops him to shout on her. Swara tells their whole plan to family and durga raises his hand to slap him but he holds it and shouts taking his name…

He says that he has no right to ask questions to me as he just loves his laksh and sanskar not him. He is just name sake eldor son nothing else than that, he says that when sanskar was not here and laksh was busy in flirting then onlt he took care of business and family but durga was praising his anmol ratans laksh and sanakar…..

Laks and sanskar says that really is it? durga loves three of them equally. but pari says that they both snatched his husband’s rights and he worked hard than both of them. Durga asks aadrash to ask her wife not to misbehave but he himself shouts on him saying you bahu swara and ragini thinks that they are so smart but they are not because we trapped them and took signatures of you through them on blank papers.

Ragini tells that she did that because he gave threatening to kill chotu and aadarsh comes to swaragini and tells that he has listened swara planning to befooling him by magic plan. But he changed the magic pen with real one and now all the property is on his name and laughs….they all get shocked….In next show we will see pareenita asks them to leave the house and they leave, swaragini promises that they will get their property back…..

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