Swaragini 26th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Recap: Dadi Plans To Hide baby


All the family members bring Sumi to the hospital and Shekhar stays with her to make sure nothing will going to happen to her. After a while when Sumi was kept inside the OT the doctors come out and when they ask about the health of her, doctor tells she is out of danger, then when they ask about the baby the doctors tell them the bad news. All of them starts crying to hear the news about the baby.


They also calls the family of Sanskar about the accident the also gets very shocked, but the guys who are the most tensed and depressed are Sanskar and Ragini because hey have done so many things for the baby and now they have lost it. Shekhar also tells this to Sumi and they both cry badly.

The nurse tells Dadi that the baby is safe but is not of enough age to be put unsafely, dadi gives her some money to put him in the safe place and to keep it quiet. Swara comes o know about this from Ragini when she calls her and tells her everything about the accident. They all were broken inside, Swara, ragini, Sanskar, Laksh, Shekhar and Sumi were the one who was most effected from this incident.

Laksh was telling them to stop crying and move on in life not just because of the happiness of their family but also because of their family happiness. ragini tells that everyone is comparing her with Swara was very depressed because of this incident and couldn’t bear anymore

Sumi suddenly hears baby crying but when she looks around she founds no one there then just Shekhar. Dadi says to the Nurse to throw the baby where nobody can see it or just hide it somewhere, but when she returns she finds Shehkar there listening to all this conversation.

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