Swaragini 27th July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode Colors Tv: Sumi Is Killing Dadi


All the family was very shocked after this news about Sumi, who has recently lost his unvorm child in the womb. Ragini was crying and she is also the one who has lost the most in this accident. Lakshay try to convince and make her stop crying but she keeps on crying, Sansar too was there and was trying to give sympathy to family members of Shekhar, but Ragini told to Lakshay that she is not worried because of her losing his to-be baby but because her mother has to suffer this big loss at this age.


Sumi was in deep shock and was not taking anything for eatnig and Swara comes there and tell that do you want to keep all the others hungry. She refuses to eat anything, Swara ask her to have some rest and get a sleep but she refuses to it too, Shekhar too cries to see the condition of Sumi. Sujata was still angry from Ragini and says her to stop acting like she cares for Sumi.

Sumi was so much depressed due to this incident that she was getting dreams of how she lose her baby, Sumi following her thoughts follows something which was not true and gets ut of the room. Everybody was sleeping and when they awake they all get shocked to see that Sumi is missing from the room. While Sumi was walking on the road she finds some poor lady with a baby, and she tells her that someone is giving food, the lady leaves the baby and goes after where she has shown her, everybody was very worried for her, Sumi picks up the baby and starts cuddling her as his own child.

While Dadi was talking to the Nurse about the baby and says that you’ve to put the baby to some place where no-one can see it, while she was talikng to her Shekhar comes there and see them talking about their baby. Dadi asks to Swara that why she is following her, she tells that i’ve seen you with that nurse, Dadi sudenly gets shocked and thought that how did she gets to know about them.

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