Swaragini 28th June 2016 Written Episode Updates: Kissan Exposed & Swara Asked Divorce From Sanskar


In the last episode of Swaragini we saw that Sanskar come home and Sujata hugs him and he is saying that he is fine . She say she is scared very much and saying that not to leave now and Sanskar say I have to. Sahil is telling Swara that Sanskar is going to harm her . Sahi is saying that if Sanskar is here there must be Kissan also there and they left for Baadi.

Swara go to the Kissan room and call his name and recalling everything that Sahil has said . Sahil se hold my hand but she say I will manage myself leave me .Sahil is asking did you found Kissan she say no and then guitar sound come from the terrace and they see Kissan there and Sahil is shocked to see this. Swara say I know kissan will not lie to me. Swara is saying Sahil to leave.
Sahil see they are putting 3d image of Kissan and say oh you are cheaters . Sanskar is thanking Laksh. Sanskar is telling Sahil that Swara is her madness and no one can separate them.
Laksh is worried and tell Sanskar to tell his secret before anyone or specially Sahil will say. Swara is thinking that Sanskar is right and Sahil is wrong. Ragini is asking Swara why he will be lying. She saw many missed calls of Sahil and call him he say where are you and ask in a very rude tone . She say don’t call me and cut the call. Sujata is blessing them for the IGT competition and they are praying to the god to make them win . Sanskar is wishing that Swara accept him back.
Swara and Kissan is performing . Kissan wig falls and Swara slapped him. She tell him that she will go in the court and she need divorce from him . He is shocked .

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