Swaragini 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Online: Parineeta Sent A Video To Ragini


Dadi was taking money from someone and while she was doing it she was seen by Swara, while she was coming back she finds Swara looking at her. Swara when asked by Dadi about his presence here at this time, replied to her by asking her her coming here at this time and to whom she is meeting. She gives excuses of selling her gold and praying for some wish she has asked from god for Sumi’s well being.


Swara gets doubt over Dadi and when she told that she has already met Mr. Agarwal and knows that the plan is cancelled. She again lies to her about his coming to this place at time, but this time she ask to accompany with her. When dadi finds out that her plan is about to get revealed, she somehow manages to show that Sumi is not well and can do anything to harm her at anytime, she ask Swara to stay with her at home.

In the Maheshwari house, when everybody was there to have the breakfast, when Sanskar ask about Ragini and her well being, Sujata listens to this and says so many bad things about her, Lakshay and Sanskar both goes from there without having the food. Dadi was about to get caught because Swara was about to come there where dadi was giving money to the Nurse who has hide the baby of Sumi.

Swara finds out that dadi is talking to nurse and is giving her money, but she wonders that why she is doing so. dadi when finds out that she is following her ask her about why is she following her, when Swara tells that i’ve seen you talking to the Nurse, she gets shocked. Sujata who is still angry that why Ragini lied to them Tunts her while they were praising to god, Lakshay and Sanskar both were very upset to see that her mother is still angry from her.

Parineeta calls Ragini and ask her to see the video which she has sent, Ragini told to Swara that Parineeta wants to come back home. Annapurna listens to them and says that she will not going to come back in the home whatever may happen.

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