Swaragini 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Parineeta’s Mother Shouts On Maheshwari Family


The show starts and Annapurna asks swara to tie mauli to everyone and sujata taunts ragini saying she doesn’t wants to see her face and ragini goes but swara stops her and asks her not to be upset and makes her understand that as Annapurna brought mauli for her even she is upset with her same everyone will forgive you and then aadarsh leaves for office and sees pareenita outside the house and how dare she to come here then she says that she reminds him of his duty as she is his wife and bahu of this house then aadarsh says that he is doing his duty by keeping evil people away from this house and asks her to get out.


There ragini asks swara that shold they forgive pareenita and swara says no we cant forgive her and Annapurna and sujata gets angry on ragini hearing this and say that why she wants to bring that pareenita who tried to ruin their home and threatens ragini to get kick her out of the house, there pareenita asks aadarsh that why cant they forgive her when ragini also lied them but he says that there is difference of intentions between her and ragini’s lie and asks her to get lost.

Then Annapurna holds ragini’s hand and tries to throw her out but then laksh sanskaar and their father comes and asks stopping her that whats going on there and Annapurna says that she wants pareenita to come home back and durga Prasad asks ragini that is she saying true then he says that whats wrong in it if we can forgive ragini and laksh then why cant pareenita, she also deserves a chance and says Annapurna to think about aadarsh’s life ahead but suddenly aadarsh comes and says no dad I will not stay with that lady and if you bring her back I will leave this house and ragini gets shocked hearing this and recalls pareenita’s blackmailing words and video.

After some time Annapurna and durga Prasad gets surprised seeing their home decorated and all of the family members wishes them happy marriage anniversary and their children give them greeting cards and asks about the arrangement of this function then swara says I haven’t done this and laksh says you all not believe ragini has done this and she is not here as you people don’t like her and raam asks durga Prasad to forgive ragini if he can forgive laksh and sanskar but he says that he can trust his sons but not strangers and asks swara to throw out the cake and he picks it and goes out to throw it himself.

PRECAP: We will see that pareenita’s mom will come to maheshwari’s house and asks about her and threatens them if anything happens with her daughter then she will not leave anyone…….

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