Swaragini 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Sulekha Warns Ragini

Swaragini 3rd August

The show starts and we see Dadi asks Ragini that where did she go in the morning and she replies that she went to temple as today is maa and papa’s marriage anniversary and made maalpua as Prasad.

Suddenly then Annapurna and Durgaprasad comes there and asks Ragini that she made maalpua and didn’t give to them and Ragini gets shocked then they says that she is their daughter and they can forgive her as their happiness is incomplete without their children and Ragini touches their feet in happiness and gets emotional and then Annapurna asks her to come home with them. He asks for a promise to not to hide anything from her as even small things and Ragini recalls that video and Swara promises Annapurna happily and says that she will not hide anything from now and Ragini promises herself that she will tell everything to them when right time will come and they comes to Maheshwari house and they cut the cake happily.

Swaragini 3rd August

Later Sulekha comes to their house and says Adarsh wants divorce from Pareenita and everyone get shocked and durga Prasad asks Aadarsh that why he didn’t discussed such a big thing with them and Aadarsh says that yes I have sent divorce papers and I signed them coz I cant live with that lady now and you all know what she has done with our family and she doesn’t deserves forgiveness.

She asks Sulekha to get her signed also and Sulekha leaves from there saying Annapurna that she should make her son understand that he is doing wrong. And Sulekha comes her home and tells Pareenita that there everyone was against her and Pareenita asks her that did she talk to mummy and papaji that if they can forgive Aadarsh and Raagini then why cant her and Sulekha says yes she talked but Aadarsh has signed the papers and now they cant do anything.

There Ragini thinks that when her family took three months to forgive her for that thing which I had done for maa baba then they will never forgive her for this thing and gets worried suddenly she gets Pareenita’s call and she calls her to meet at pahadi temple and Ragini goes there and asks Pareenita that why she called her there and Pareenita says to her to convince the family.

In her return else she will send that video to all members of Maheshwari family and ragini says that she tried but no one want her back and asks her not to send that video else they all will be ruined and she tries to snatch Pareenita’s phone but Pareenita loses her balance and falls in the river and Ragini shouts bhabhi.

we will see that Sulekha asks Ragini where is her daughter and says if anything happened with her daughter then she will not leave anyone and all get shocked with Ragini.

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