Swaragini 5th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Someone Blackmails Ragini


The show starts and we see pareenita falling in river and ragini shouts crying and asks someone to save her, pareenita shouts and gets drowned and ragini recalls pushing swara in river and thinks that if she tells this to all they will think that she pushed her and says but I don’t wanted this and cries badly and finds pareenita’s phone and keeps it in her bag then she gets call of swara asking that where is she maa and baba came home and ragini says that she is coming but swara gets doubt on her, there ragini leaves from there and we see someone was making video of whole incident.


There dadi calls nurse asking her not tell anything to anyone about that baby and then opens the door and finds sumi and shekher and does aarti of them and asks them the reason of coming so soon then shekher tells that sumi wanted to stay with family and you that’s why we came soon and takes sumi to her room. Dadi closes the door thinking this truth will never come in front of anyone. There ragini comes home and swara sks her that she was sounding tensed what happened? she replies that nothing she was just afraid of problems of home and swara hugs her and asks her not to worried coz pareenita’s matter will be solved and tells her that maa baba came and feeling better and ragini says that she needs to have rest and goes.

There dadi gets nurse’s call threatening her for giving 50000 rupees else she will tell the truth to her son and bahu and then she will be get kicked out from her house and laughs then dadi says her that she is not afraid of her threatening coz if she do this she will tell the hospital her truth and then she will be get kicked out from her job and ends the call. Then their landline phone rings and sumi picks call and dadi comes asking who’s call and sumi says that nurse is saying something and she takes phone and nurse says that she has told her bahu that she was asking her condition and sumi says that she is fine and dadi send sumi to kitchen and asks nurse where to meet and when?

Swara asks ragini that where is her mangalsutra and she says that she has given it t jweller to get it repair and is going to pick it ans swara says that she will also go with her and ragini says that she is going to temple still swara forces her to let her go with her and they go to temple and nurse also comes to temple and asks dadi to come there and swara hears nurse calling someone but could not see dadi and they go to pooja and ragini comes out when swara closes her eyes in aarti and she runs to near that river and looks for her mangalsutra everywhere but could not find it and thinks that if I don’t get it everyone will doubt on her and thinks of swara’s reaction on not finding her in temple…..

Precap: we will see pareenita’s mom will come to maheshwari house and threat everyone to not to leave them if anything happens with her daughter and later outside she will asks swara for help in finding her daughter and shows the purse of pareenita which police has found from riverside and ragini thinks to stop swara anyhow seeing this…..

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