Swaragini 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Swara Throws Papers In Water


In the last episode of Swragini, we had seen that Swara and Ragini are going as per their plan. They get aimed to take the revenge from them and says that we will get the family unites back. The episode starts with Ragini and Shekhar gets tensed to see Dadi practicing suicide. Then Shekhar goes to save Dadi and starts taunting her. Dadi scolds her back and says that it is our matter and I don’t anyone to interrupt in this all.

SwaraginiRagini and Shekhar come to Dadi and tells her that they just go to do Durga pooja. Sujata goes to Sanskar and says that he must let the cruel Dadi died. Ragini tries to make Dadi understand and tells her intentionally that Swara goes to Parineeta and Adarsh and keeps a deal in front of them. Dadi gets shocked to know this and says that Swara can’t get the property papers.

Ragini intentionally asks Dadi that where is the paper then. Dadi tells everything to Ragini and says that I can’t let Swara win. She goes and Ragini calls Swara. Swara comes to Sumi and takes her inside. Dadi spy on them and hears that what they are talking. Sumi and Swara know that Dadi is watching them and Swara tells the plan to Dadi. Dadi gets shocked to know the plan and rushes. Sawara then takes the blessings and leaves from there.

Swara and Ragini start going behind Dadi and see her going to a house. Dadi gets inside the house and takes the paper. Swara comes there and takes the paper from her. Dadi asks the goons to catch her and the man starts running behind her. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Swara gets trapped in the goons’ trap and Dadi calls Adarsh to stop Swara. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Swaragini like this.

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