Swaragini 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Sanskar Gets Angry On Swara


In the last episode of Swaragini, we had seen, that Swara gets the papers from Dadi and then runs to save herself. Dadi gets shocked by this and calls her goons to catch Swara. The goons then run behind her and Ragini gets stunned by this. Dadi says that I can’t get defeated like this. She says that I have to tell that cheater that it is the time for his defeat. She then calls Adarsh and says that you had cheated and now I have to pay for that.

SwaraginiAdarsh gets shocked to hear that all and tells the same to Parineeta. Parineeta gets equally shocked. Sumi is praying for Ragini and Swara and prays, this time, we have to win this for our family. She asks the God to help Swara and Ragini. Then Ragini calls her and tells that Swara had to get the papers but Dadi’s man are behind her and she is running for her family.

Then Ragini goes behind Swara and Swara is still running. Then the goons trap her and Dadi shouts to give the papers to them. Swara gets tensed and then throws the papers in water. Ragini catches it and Dadi gets shocked to see this. She then gets to know that Ragini is helping Swara. Then Adarsh and Parineeta makes a plan to stop Swara. Annapurna hears this all and tells the same to Durga Prasad.

They both prays and then the goons trap both Ragini and Swara. They then run from there and Swara gets happy to see Sanskar there. Sanskar gets shocked to see them together and then goes to help them. He gets beaten by the goons and Laksh come there. In today’s episode, we are going to see Swara and Ragini making Laksh and Sanskar understand. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Swaragini like this.

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