Swaragini 6th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Online: Laksh Shouts At Parineeta


In the last episode of Swaragini we saw that Swara who has been caught in a wrong crime which is stealing his ancestral ring which is being kept by her Dadi and sh has filed a case against her for stealing the ring in her absence. Ragini enters the police station to meet Swara but after looking at the condition which is at there she becomes very worried and tries to talk to the Police official because her condition there is miserable.


There was no lady constable present to handle a  lady prisoner and swara is very much worried because the Police officer is threatening her, Ragini tries to console her and say that you don’t need to worry because  everyone is trying their best to arrange her bail from the case. Just them to make the situation worse a police constable comes there and try to eve-tease both Swara and Ragini but it is not expected by anyone nor the constable that his actions will go to get him injured and Ragini hurts the police officer by some glass pieces and runs from there.

Suddenly while she was trying to escape she gets stopped by a senior inspector and gets a very hard slap which is very unexpected from any official at this big level, looking at this Lakshay comes there and slaps the inspector and blames him for molesting his wife. The senior SP comes there and suspends inspector for doing all this behaviour with them. The SP tells then that now the case is all set and every possible proof of Swara’s innocence is with us and we can leave her right now without any blame. They all then went to home without further talking about anything, Swara and Ragini still ask them about Durga Prasad’s health and well-being.

While Annapurna and Durga Prasad comes into the come and when they ask about their room, Adarsh and Parineeta tells them to live in the store room because every single and another room is full of their things, they point them and orders them to take their belongings to the bedroom. parineeta is crossing all the limits of mankind and is trying to make them feel guilty of their living till now, Annapurna asks them to have some mercy because their father is still very ill and will no going to survive here but they didn’t listen to them.

Sanskar, Swara, Lake and Ragini when they all comes to meet Annapurna and Durgaprasad at the home, becomes very angry and distressed to see their father and mother in this condition, they are literally shocked to see their condition in the house. The situations get worse when they find that Parineeta has brought them by paying 5 Lakh rupees which she has paid in the hospital.

They try to stop Parineeta from doing this and while warning her of not doing this Adarsh comes in between and ask Laksh to stay away as he will going to file a FIR Against them for molesting his wife. Their al gets very shocked to listen to `this big statement. The next day when after doing all the work Annapurna returns to her room she finds that Durga Prasad is collapsed and is on the ground but he is not reacting at all.

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